House Glonog is the origin-place of the photon destruction field(PDF). It is ruled by Glonogmesh, who put his son, Coglonogvo, on the council seat for the NCAC.


House Glonog was always a small Nanosan house, and has only recently gained Great House status. Originaly a small break-off from House Doposen, Glonogmesh, first named Nogo, found a group of like-minded scientists who were chafing under low research freedoms. Renaming himself Glonogmesh, "lord of the dark fire", he petitioned for and gained Minor House status.

This displeased House Doposen, which continued to haunt and sabotage Glonogmesh's opperation for years. But after Glonogmesh was able to hide a research center on Negornogia, the House created its crowning achievment: the photon destruction field. This field absorbed all energy from light and of forms of spectral radiation, renderin them into usable power. It also created an eerie cloak of darkness around the generator. Glonogmesh, flush with success, blackmailed Houses Casfath and, much to its chagrin, Doposen, by using miniatchure generators to ruin there information storage devices. This, along with a few undecided votes, earned House Glonog the title of a Great House. 

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