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A Hylios.

The Hylios are a race of quadrupal biomechanical entities originating from Hlythroon in the Large Magellanic Cloud. It is a known fact that they have been created by the Nedhraye but even they do not know what happened to their creators. They are currently the most advanced race in the Large Magellanic Cloud having the technology their creators once had but only take a small portion of the LMC to allow other species to flourish. They are part of the LMC-Alliance.


The Hylios are quadrupal and have 2 arms, their feet end in wide spikes. Their arms, having 2 joints, have 3 felxible fingers made of a rubber-like substance.

Their body mainly consists of a spine ending in the head which has several spikes on the back, they have one optical unit that emits the same colour covering all of their body, a marine blue light.


They have been created somewhere near 3,500,000 BC, several millenia before the disappearance of the Nedhraye.


The Hylios only require energy and a special liquid they make in facilities to spread the energy through their body.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

As the most advanced species in the LMC they have a very high intelligence, each individual has the knowledge of the entire species. They also know all technological levels of their allies and keep everything in check, their technology, their weapons and population. In-case anyone would want to interrogate a Hylios to obtain it's knowledge it would selfdestruct.


For main article, see: List of Nedhraye Technology

The Hylios have the technology the Nedhraye also had billions of years ago. Technological advancement has been small ever since compared to the Nedhraye's pace.

Military DoctrineEdit

For main article, see: Nedhraye Military

The Hylios make much use of the weaponry granted to them by the Nedhraye, they leave most of their military up to their defence systems.

Opinion Towards Other SpeciesEdit

  • Drahoni: Relation = Allied / Friendly.
  • Hmeregh: Relation = Allied / Friendly.
  • Hnimae: Relation = Allied / Friendly.
  • Maian: Relation = Allied / Friendly.
  • Merdholan: Relation = Allied / Friendly.
  • Nedhraye: Relation = Allied / Friendly.
  • Pluthgonr: Relation = Allied / Friendly.
  • Yerghani: Relation = Allied / Friendly.
  • Yethanth: Relation = Allied / Friendly.
  • Xzeron: Relation = Allied / Friendly.

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