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Icaris is a garden planet located in the Sol system (Omni 337) . It is home to the Fedraiil Republic (and as of the year 4238 ,? ABBLE-Earth Colonization Effort )

Icaris has resided in the Sol system (between Earth and Mars) for a long time , but has remained undetected by average humans because of its thick Mazosphere .




Physical StatusEdit

Icaris , though it may seem identical to Earth on the surface, is around five times larger than the Earth . The overall mass is only slightly larger (due to its Hilgheum-Crystal core). This causes the planet to be very unstable tectonically, therefore its core must be constantly monitored and regulated by ABBLE .


The geography of Icaris is very similar to Earth (4238AD). Of course everything is much larger than Earth (i.e. the tallest mountain is almost twice the size of Mt. Everest , and the largest desert is the size of N. America.)


The moons of Icaris include Daedalis - a water moon-planet , Tallion - a low gravity jungle moon-planet, Naucretes and Ariaden- small, rocky, and inhospitable moons.


The Planet Icaris


Spoiler Alert ! Some of the following information will be contained as vital story elements in the ABBLE stories. Reader discretion is advised.

Icaris was first discovered by an alien race of mysterious beings called Valiphid who want to use its mazosphere and a slipspace gateway to move it to their sacred home system . The Valiphid come to Sol only to find that the United Universe (Vali's most hated enemy) has come to Earth for the NSDS . An epic war breaks out between the two leaving Icaris in no ones possesion for an extended amount of time . After the Vali are defeated ABBLE returns to Sol with strengthened forces and claim Icaris for Earth.

ABBLE builds a miniture dyson sphere around Icaris to quickly develope its atmoshpere and terraform. Once it was completed , a team of AECE terraformers were sent to the surface where they would remain for 37 years, making the atmoshpere breathable. Instead , something went terribly wrong . Because of Icaris' intense mazosphere and the unpredicted quantum locking abilities of the Hilgheum sphere encompassing the planet , time sped up considerably fast on the inside. Once AECE opened the sphere 37 external years later , they found a lush green and ocean/continent filled planet Housing billions of Fedraiil. After such a long history of being "trapped" the Fedraiils had slowly built up unreasonable hatred torwards AECE , and so they attacked forces that got near the great city of Fedra. Eventually AECE calmed the Fedraiils and allowed the people of earth to live on the planet (the original intentions). ABBLE claims land around the Valiphid Quantum-Stabillization SuperStructure (center of Froscaant) and uses it to maintain the planet.ಠ▃ಠ

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