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Imperium of Flame
Imperiumofflame emblem
The emblem of the Imperium
Location Illias Sector, Triangulum Galaxy
Size >22,000 systems
Kardashev class 2.29
Founded {{{founded}}}
Status Expanding/conquering
Capital Pyvaros
Official language Ketru
Demonym Incendyn
Population >17 trillion
Species Incendyn
Government Absolute Monarchy
Current leader(s) Emperor

The Imperium of Flame is an imperialistic, highly advanced faction from the Illias Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy.


As an imperium, the Imperium of Flame is ruled by a sovereign Emperor. The title is hereditary and the monarchy is absolute, with no parliament or other body. Control over the population is achieved by a top down system, with each rank controlling a large number of individuals from the rank below:

Rank Number of members Subjects controlled
Emperor 1 >1.5E13
Lord 30 5E11
Starkeeper 15000 1E9
Governor 1.5E6 1E7
Noble 1.5E10 1E3
Citizen >1.5E13 (1)

Salmandra is the capital system and the moon Pyvaros is the capital of the Imperium overall.


The Imperium encompasses over 22,000 systems, and over 15 trillion citizens. Their holdings make up a substantial proportion of the Illias Sector, challenged in the sector only by the Amber Nexus. All individuals are Incendyn due to the Imperium's policies on foreign empires.

Notable systemsEdit


Culture in the Imperium is shaped by the imperialistic, aggressive attitude of the faction, leading to an emphasis on imperial pride, patriotism, nationalism, and disdain for other empires. Competition is encouraged and superiority compared to an opponent, however it is achieved, is always seen as positive. Conquest is seen as the duty of citizens and battle is seen almost as an art.


Due to implants and augmentations, external education is not needed by citizens of the Imperium. As machines and transapients carry out research and development, there is no motivation for further education to occur.


Competitive sports, both physical and virtual, as well as mass media such as neurovision and psycholiterature are the main forms of entertainment in the Imperium. Music is widespread and the creation of music is encouraged, though originality is rare given the length of time this has been going on.


The Imperium endorses no religion and it is rare amongst citizens.


Officially, the language of the Imperium is Ketru, a language based on trinary that is almost impossible to mutate or corrupt between systems. It was specifically tailored during the Imperium's rise to foster the traits that the Emperor desired in his subjects, putting particular emphasis on concepts central to the faction.

Systems may have their own, unofficial languages, but the media and inter-system communication are carried out through Ketru.


The Imperium has a post-scarcity economy and all major transactions are managed by the government. Labour is done mainly by machines or volunteers and there is no official currency or barter system. Some single-planet black markets exist due to local deficiencies.


As a Kardashev class II civilisation, the Imperium is very highly advanced. They are capable of the production of subatomic black holes using the controlled fusion implosion of large quantities of hydrogen, usually recovered from gas giants. These objects provide the energy source and propulsive system for Imperial ships, and can also be utilised offensively.

FTL communication is achieved through the use of tachyons, and all ships, colonies, and habitats are equipped with the equipment to produce and detect them.


Main article: Fleet of the Astral Flame

The military of the Imperium consists of all citizens who wish to fight, trillions of war machines, and many transapients.

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