General information
Status Active
Homeworld Kuroton V
Type Reptile
Symmetry Bilateral
Diet Carnivore
Lifespan 750 years
Other distinctions Massive, Reptilian, Flight-capable

Inadvanuwa are large, winged sapient reptiles from the planet Kuroton V in the Duliana Cluster.

Inadvanuwa technology is intricately integrated into their more natural constructions, and their culture holds high reverence to nature. They take pride in their strength, and, in Selvarius's Continuum, it's not uncommon to see Inadvanuwa in their labor forces.


An Inadvanuwa's appearance varies from age, younger members having long, narrow heads, while older creatures having broadened, crested heads. All Inadvanuwa have wings consisting of a cluster of skin-like membranes, which serve to aid in flight. They also hold 2 sets of wings: a longer, broader, but narrow set for gliding and speed, with a shorter set for maneuverability.

The height of an average adult is 15' (45' max).

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