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General information
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Homeworld Pyvaros
Type Tephratrian
Symmetry Bilateral
Diet Hypercarnivorous
Lifespan 130-170 years
Other distinctions Quasi-bipedality, protective cellulose layer.
The Incendyn are a race of sapient beings from the moon Pyvaros, located in the Salmandra system of the Illias Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy. They founded the Imperium of Flame.


Quasi-bipedal animals, the Incendyn stand up to 1.8 metres tall at the shoulder. Thickly set, with extensive and dense musculature, they have spines angled so that their shoulders are just over a foot higher than their hips, but a metre further forwards. A row of small spikes going down their backs are extensions of the vertebrae.

Incendyn have thick snouts, about 0.5 metres long, and large, banana-shaped teeth. A number of spikes protrude downwards from their lower jaw. They have large eyes, with rounded pupils and armoured eyelids, and iris colours varying from black to orange.

Their skin is covered by a thin layer of cellulose. This is produced from dietary glucose, and is translucent, allowing the orange and yellow skin underneath to remain visible. It is semi-flexible, so does not inhibit movement, but also provides good defence against physical and chemical attack. Glands within the skin pump fungicides into this layer which are also poisonous to the animals of many planets.

Incendyn hands are four-fingered, with one of the digits being a thumb opposed to the others, and all are clawed. Their feet have only two toes, one facing backwards and the other forwards, with large claws for good purchase on whatever terrain they may find themselves standing on.

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