Infection War
Date: 2142 AD - 2167 AD
Place: Arohko Stream, Large Magellanic Cloud
Outcome: Large Magellanic Cloud plunged into an enlarging, devastating war


Drahoni, Xzeron










"Summarise the Infection War? We see parasites, we try to fight but lose, we fall back and abandon the planet..."
―Anonymous Drahoni soldier.

The Infection War (often reffered to as 'the swarming') is a conflict taking place in the Large Magellanic Cloud, it is fought between the Mezourah and all species it has encountered.


Battle of XinoEdit

The Infection War was started after a Drahoni ship with Mezourah onboard crash-landed on the planet Xino and started to consume it's inhabitants.

Night of CleansingEdit

After the discovery of the Pillars of Newgate in 2161 AD and the genetical codes they contained, the Drahoni government was able to mount a major offensive against the Mezourah on the ground and in space.


2142 ADEdit

2167 ADEdit

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