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"I remember well how we once were an independant people, we roamed the caverns of *word too damaged* and had everything we needed. Then came the 'Skypeople' who tried to uplift us, the 'zealots' killed them and learned of our existance after a great war. They wanted to kill us but saw they couldn't and wanted to use us as beasts of war, but now we have more use..."
―Writings in an Inquisitor's diary

An Exonoma Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is an Exonoma sub-species originating from the caverns of the mysterious Exonoma Homeworld.



Male Inquisitors have a blue skin, they have many tallons across their body and 2 pair of wings (of which one is smaller). There are small holes all over their body, to keep their soft skin hidden beneath their hard organical exo-skeleton, cool. Their 2 pair of small eerie blue eyes intimidate their foe, the two horn like protrusions on the back of their head seem to be emitting a blue light. An erect male Inquisitor stands 4,2m tall.


The female Inquisitors have a green skin, just like the male they have many tallons across their body and 2 pair of wings. An erect female Inquisitor stands 3,9m tall.


As mentioned before the Inquisitors come from the caverns of the Exonoma homeworld, much of their own history or culture is unknown as the Exonoma made them join their empire causing them to leave the caverns who were lateron destroyed by tremors.

They quickly proved their value in rebel conflicts, though these were rare there were some cults that began rebelling and because of this only one religion was allowed, the Faultya.

Role in the MilitaryEdit

The Inquisitors have gained their infamous name for their interrogation successes. They server as elite shocktroopers and some of them even bear high ranks inside the Exonoma Crusaders and the Exonoma Flotilla.

Some of them are the founders of orders within the Crusaders.


An average Inquisitor is quite intelligent, while they prefer to chose the easiest way they will know when to choose the harder way. They understand many complex sciences, speak several languages learned during childhood and can reply within 5 minutes to complex riddles and questions.

Notable InquisitorsEdit

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