The Invasion of Dimonroff was a significant battle during the War Between Vaikan States.


Intelligence units from the Confederacy of Greenwater had to discovered the space station Dimonroff, a Special Division of Experimental Technology outpost orbiting VY Canis Majoris. It was at this outpost where the Karalian Empire was developing a variety of new technologies in secret, including the first Vaikan android in two thousand years, SANARI.

The CG invaded Dimonroff on the inside in an attempt to steal the technology. The last thing the SDET wanted to do was to give up the tech, but they did not want to destroy it. They resorted to flooding the entirety of the facility with a neurotoxin, powerful enough to penetrate any EV suits. Effectively, everyone within the station was killed, and life support was disabled afterwards.

SANARI, however, was hidden inside a secret room that disrupted sensor readings from the outside. It is there where Dimonroff's single survivor lived: Veidne Alnitak, who uploaded her brain into the SANARI unit. Unfortunately, the technology was still experimental. While she did survive the procedure, she lost her long term memories when SANARI was rebooted after the invasion had passed.

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