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Irian is a G-class star in the Triangulum Galaxy.


The closest planet to Irian is Fugale, a barren, uninhabited world orbiting at a distance of 0.55AU.

Next at 0.94AU is Szenaria, notable for being the home planet of the Drakons. It has a moon, Claachi, that has also been colonized.

Chemnova is the third planet in the system, orbiting at 1.6 AUs. It is a primordial planet, with only bacterial lifeforms. This was the first true foreign planet that the Drakons landed on.

Plor is a gas giant that orbits at 4.7 AUs. It is the largest planet in the system.

The last planet, orbiting at 13.6 AUs, is named Hentamet.

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