Jackal is a special in the Mezato empire and is well renowed for his many adventures and some of them are told as stories to the public.


Jackal is a laid back, easy going person. He has a mind for adventure and normally seeks it. He does not always consult the guildlines of the military in his actions and he does entirely what he sees fit. He can be seen sleeping on the job a lot and is hard to wake. He has a natural sense for danger that he says is "just a feeling".If the moment calls he become sharply serious at any moment.if there is anyone who is need of help most of the time Jackal comes to there aid.

Early lifeEdit

Jackal was born into a rich family.He was the oldest of 4 children and the only boy.Having grown up with 3 younger sisters he grew a need to protect which is the reason he joined the military.Years later he became well known for receiving many awards for his many bold acts.


Not long after becoming a colonel Jackal was contacted by the MSOC (mezato special operations corp).He was recurited as a one man special agent.He is currently the top agent within it's ranks.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Jackal's most skilled field is fire arms he never misses a shot through nearly a century of training.He also seems to show a natural talent for using guns seeing that most of his military mentors said that he was a very good shot even when he first joined the army.

He also shows great skil in melee combat.Seeing that he studied many marital arts at a young age.He can easily send most people back flying by hiting him or her with the silghtest bit of force.It is known that he even owned a succesful dojo in his mid-50s to his late 60s.


Recovering A Mystery

Protecting A Villain

The Dangerous Exodus

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