Jake Forault
General statistics
Born Unknown
Affiliation Delson Hegemony
Titles J-86-4, The Eruption, Jake Forault
Skills/Abilities Strategy
Status Active (as of 2143)
Species Main body - Eruption

Host - Human

Gender Main body - None

Host - Male

Jake Forault, also known as J-86-4, was an Eruption operative, who mainly worked on Moritz. His host was a human, so he adopted the human identity of Jake Forault. He was originally assigned to Moritz by the Eruption High Command to infiltrate a Delson military base and download all the Delsons' battle strategies to facilitate an all out attack on the Delson Hegemony, however, he did not complete his mission, but warned the Delson government of the impending attack. Jake defeated The General in the Battle of New Ingolstadt and now commands a small regiment of Eruption who also defected to the Delson Hegemony. He is the main character in the story, The Parasite.

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