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Average length


Average Lifespan

60 Earth years


Four wings, symbiotic algae in eyes.

The Jauron are a sapient member race of the United Vannah Planets. They are native to the planet Pathek in the Triangulum Galaxy.


Jauron are small, winged creatures. They have sinuous bodies and four spiked wings coming from their shoulders and hips respectively. They have two short legs with grasping claws used for perching on objects, and a prehensile tail that can grasp objects carefully.

The eyes are three in number and arranged in a triangle. Each has a green sclera due to the presence of symbiotic algae in the eyeball.


Almost all Jauron are members of the UVP. However, there are a few independent settlements. No attempt has been made to convert these independents. ----

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