"The sound of pure silence is the most disturbing thing I've ever heard. Standing within the field, I can hear neither the anxiousness of my own breath nor the thumping of my hearts. Just dead silence."
―Vaikan scientist observing the effects of a Jormun's Ring

Jormun's Ring (alternatively known as the Ring of Shadows or Shadow Ring) is an Omni artifact. By creating sonic black holes, the ring nullifies all nearby sound allowing the user to sneak by without being heard.

The name "Jormun's Ring" was coined by the Karalian Empire. The ring was originally called the Portable Sonic Black Hole Generator.


Jormun's Ring contains miniature, complex mechanisms consisting of lasers and rubidium. A sonic black hole is generated which absorbs all nearby phonons. The resulting effect is the wearer of this ring becomes completely undetectable via any auditory mechanisms. The drawback is that the wearer will be unable to communicate via audio so long as the ring is worn.

The ring can be used extensively for 24 hours before it requires recharging.


The earliest known examples of Jormun's Rings were used by the Dark Warriors in their quest to stop the Omni Empire. As the Dark Warriors faded into obscurity, the rings became fewer and fewer, although one was recently unearthed on Ucharpli's south pole by a Vaikan named Shunketsu.

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