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Halo tGotA Monitor by Capestranus
A Jorthanio is a Xzeron monitor overseeing much of the work made by the constructs throughout the Xzeron empire. They often accompany Yaunthars such as Erokh to provide them with tactical info and battlefield reports.

Their exact purpose is unknown, as is the date of their creation. They have been seen fighting using a beam from their 'eye' to defend themselves against hostiles. They are equipped with strong energy shields that surround them when an object flies at a speed that could harm it.

Some are replacing the Yerghem at their 'Birth Facilities' to speed up the creation of A.I.'s. Despite their intelligence being greater than that of a Yaunthar they do not desire a position in the hierarchy and have been given a new title, the Inspector. They can work unhindered by any regulation. The Server has also tasked them with acting as diplomats in case a new civilisation would be encountered.

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