Julian Melyurélov
Melyurelov 1
Lieutenant Julian Melyurelov, age 17, Planet Muscrina, War of Muscro-Miluria
General statistics
Born 15th January 1625 CE
Affiliation United Democracy of the Milurian People
Titles President
Skills/Abilities Unknown
Status Deceased
Species Milurian
Gender male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Julian Melyurélov was an influential and leading figure in the Milurian Revolution, on the side of the Republicans, who ultimately succeeded in winning the Revolution against the Imperial Preservers. Melyurélov was then elected by the Milurian Korsar Nashone (Milurian National Assembly) as the first President of the United Democracy of the Milurian People.



Julian Melyurélov was born on 15th January 1625 CE, born into a relatively wealthy middle-class family. He learnt about electronics and programming before he learnt to walk and talk, and so he spent most of his early childhood playing around with complex electric circuits, up until the age of five, when he began school at the Miylbourne College. After another twelve years, Melyurélov graduated and entered the Miypria National University, studying law, and after graduating began a career in the military.

Military careerEdit

Melyurélov quickly rose through the ranks of the Milurian Imperial Starfleet. He is credited for being the fastest moving officers in the entire Starfleet - he apparently received five promotions in one year. Eventually, in 1642 CE, Melyurélov gained the rank of Governor-General, where thereby he was also accepted into the Milurian Imperial Council, and, eventually, the Emperor's Cabinet.

Involvement in the Milurian RevolutionEdit

The Milurian people's growing hatred towards the government were to fuel the Revolution in 1650 CE. Melyurélov's fury towards the upper classes caused him to join the lower classes' representatives to form the National Assembly. After the Revolution, Melyurélov was elected by the new legislatural body, the Korsar Nashone, as the first President of the United Democracy of the Milurian People.

Running the UDMPEdit

As president of the UDMP, Melyurélov had to strengthen democratic rule across the territories of what was the Milurian Empire; many planets still considered themselves under Imperial leadership. Melyurélov also created a stronger Defence Force, adding a more advanced artillery section. Melyurélov also led the new military to put down monarchist rebellions in the years following the formation of the UDMP.

Illness and deathEdit

Melyurélov was President of the UDMP for 12 years - he was repeatedly re-elected and served 3 terms before finally contracting a severe cancer in his pancreas which was curable through surgery. Though he had the cancer removed, he had a relapse in 1705, and died on 1st February 1706. Bells of city halls throughout the UDMP rang for three hours straight, signalling the death of the revolutionary leader.

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