The Wormhole Utilising Transporter Drive Core, more commonly known as the Jump DriveJump Core or Transport Drive, is a faster-than-light transportation tool which utilises wormhole technology. The first civilisation to use the Jump Drive is the Achrisian civilisation. Today, species such as the Miluri and Tsuinaron use the Jump Drive.


The Jump Drive collides matter and anti-matter to create a massive amount of energy. It uses this energy to generate a beam so powerful that it can warp the fabric of space itself. The energy beam is fired from a cannon on the underside of the ship to create a wormhole. The Jump Drive is also able to program the frequency of the beam, which determines the coordinates of the destination end of the wormhole.

The Jump Drive then generates a shield around the vessel that prevents the destruction of the ship after it passes the event horizon. When the ship enters the wormhole, it has the ability to travel many times the speed of light. When the wormhole is unable to remain open, it begins to collapse. It is ideal that the vessel is out of the wormhole before it begins to collapse.

Though the Jump Drive method is one of the fastest FTL methods, it is also one of the most risky and dangerous: there have been cases where vessels were crushed by the collapsing wormhole.

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