Kalkak is a Planet in Bianary orbit with Kenaklesh.

It is largely dry, having only two oceans, and is under the control of The Kyekna United Monarchies. It was formerly home to the Karkal, a race of hive-minded, highly invasive ant-like creatures. The Karkal had yet to develop space travel, but they were nonetheless dangerous to the Kyekna, and responsible for the deaths of thousands of colonists. The Karkal were nearly eradicated after a war lasting 180 Earth years.



The Chalchoka is a huge spinosaurid that is renowned for it's vicious behavior to nearly all creatures, it has 8 lungs, while it only uses 2 of them, it will use all 8 before diving into bodies of water in order to feed on aquatic prey.


The Karkal are large orange insectoids with a caste system similar to the Kyekna, the soldiers are about 1.5 meters (like a kyekna worker), they were the sapient species of Kalkak prior to being eradicated by the Kyekna after a 180 year war.

The Karkal had yet to develop Space Travel, but were notably extremely dangerous to the Kyekna colonists, killing thousands of them. The Karkal were hive-minded, carnivorous, and Karkal DNA is currently held in several Kyekna laboratories in hopes of one day reviving the species.


A giant snake that frequently attacks Kyekna, it's head is perfect for slithering down tunnels and eating Kyekna. The Kalechack's only natural predator is the ChalChoka.


A large ScarabWasp-Like creature that is a solitary hunter that will eat rolchocka.


A large oscar like fish that eats khirkie and anything that swims in its water.


a strange crustation living in the murky subterranean waters. it sucks in large amounts of water eating any


plankton in it.


The giant trees called Kochkara are native to Kalkak, and has also been introduced the Kenaklesh.

Lillytree: A lillypad with a tree growing out of it.

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