An actual Kaoom entity
General information
Status Least concern
Homeworld Shal'nar
Type Noncorporeal
Symmetry Asymetrical
Diet Energy
Lifespan 500 years
Other distinctions Noncorporeal

The Kaoom are a noncorporeal species in the Andromeda Galaxy.

The Kaoom live in the Andromeda galaxy in the band of jungle on their planet which is orbiting a white dwarf star. This star is in the farthest part of the Jolfur part of the Andromeda galaxy.

Physiology and appearanceEdit

Kaoom typically have diamond shaped heads large eyes and stand only 1.5 feet tall which allows them to have incredibly long lifespans of 530 to 550 years. After evolving themselves beyond need of organic form they were made of energy but the energy would slowly dissipate over a period of time so they made armors to house themselves and to manipulate the world around them better after doing so their armors kept the same basic shape ,diamond head ,1.5 feet tall etc. but lost all organics. The energy that makes them up is plasma.

A Kaoom armor close up


What happens is one Kaoom's energy splits in two energy's and they place that energy into another armor.


The Kaoom were once quadruped herbivores on the planet Shar'Nal and eventually some of them evolved into carnivores with the abundance of prey on the planet. This new carnivore caused the herbivores to evolve defenses which in turn sparked an evolutionary Cold War with the herbivores coming out on top. This caused the carnivores to slowly grow their intelligence to the point of sentience and became omnivores in the process. The lack of unpoisonous creatures for prey caused the sentients to become herbivores and invent agriculture. Millions of years after they were visited by the Skojan who wanting to test out new genetic experiments,evolved the Kaoom to the point they didn't need organic form to survive. The energy they're made of is plasma.


There is the one main superpower and then there's the individual governments of colonies as the Kaoom let their colonies have their own governments but they only do so if that colony sends out a steady stream of resources if they hog the resources for themselves or rebelled the Kaoom's main government would take back control of that colony.

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