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This article is about the Karmelon species. For the main article, see: Karmelon.

"When I see another species I keep wondering, how did you survive the predators if you can't move your eyes seperately...?"
Nishkar Volothan, the first Karmelon encountered.




120 to 160 standard years

The Karmelon (sometimes called 'quad-eye') are a race of reptiles native to Archaius. The anatomically modern Karmelon body was formed some 25,000 years ago while their artifacts date back 32,000 years ago. Most of these artifacts were storage pots, drawings and tools, the drawings depicted how life looked like circa 30,000 years ago. An agricultural society where they grew vegetables and domesticated large bug-like insects for food (its offspring).


Karmelon are octopedal reptiles with cyan-coloured scales covering their body, these scales can change colour depending on their mood (in the case of genetic modification they can change this at will). They have zygodactyl feet with 4 toes that enable them to scale most surfaces.

They have 4 stereoscopic eyes which they can move seperately, and they have forked tails on which their 'nose' is positioned. The tips on their tail can catch the scent of creatures, when the scent is equally strong in both tips the prey is in front of them.

When standing erect a Karmelon can reach a height of 1,8m. When crouching they reach a height of 0,7m , they have a length of 2,8m (tail not included).


Maturity CyclesEdit

  • Age 0 - 15
    • Karmelon hatchlings are as long as a human's lower arm (hand included, Karmelon's tail not included) and requires a lot of attention for proper development.
  • Age 15 - 50
    • Karmelon children, they have grown considerably and reach a length of 1m. They will be thougth the ethics of their species and some other courses.
  • Age 50 - 80
    • The puberty age, Karmelons receive a higher education and are given more freedom (they receive less attention from the parents and other adults as they expect them to be more responsible). These Karmelons are able to join the military as volunteers.
  • Age 80 - 140
    • Karmelons are considered mature in this age, they receive total freedom and are expected to fit in society. They can join the military as professional soldiers.
  • Age 140 - 160
    • Karmelons of this age are considered as seniors, Karmelons treat their elders well so they can expect lots of attention and luxury (the government gives fees on top of their retirement fund to elders).
  • Age 160 - ...
    • Few become older than the age of 160, but when this happens they will be greatly respected. They often tell stories to children and in the case of colonies they are seen as the 'village elder'.

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