Karnasaur religion is a mixture of monotheism and polytheism. The Karnasaurs believe in a single god who created them for the purpose of being the vanguards of knowledge, free will, and chaos. This god, Deus, created a large pantheon of angelic servants, refered to simply as The Angels, who controlled the everyday aspects of Sauren life.

Creation MythEdit

According to Karnasaur myths, Deus wandered the universe and saw many things. He saw the stars and planets, and he saw that they were empty of knowledge and free will. He believed this to be a waste of the universe; Why exist if existence means nothing? Thus, Deus created a bright white star and named it Saurasol. Around this star (actually yellow), he placed six planets, for six was his number, and his number was six. the planet in the third position he named Karnas, which means home. Onto this world he breathed the breath of life, and the air from his divine lungs made the air of Karnas. He saw this, and was not happy, for Karnas was but a stone with air about it. So, Deus wept tears onto Karnas, and his divine tears made the oceans of Karnas. Deus looked at this, and was still not happy, for though Karnas had water, there was nothing in it. So, Deus made the fish and plants which live in the seas. But Deus was not yet happy, for thought he water was filled, there was nothing on the stone that the oceans did not cover. So, Deus took the water he made and tore away at the stone, and made it brown soil. But Deus was not happy, for the soil was void. Deus then took the plants which live in the sea and gave them roots that they live on the land. And thus, the land had plants. But Deus was not happy, for though the land had plants, there were no fish to eat the plants to maintain balance and allow diversity. Thus, Deus reached into the seas and took the fish which live there and gave them legs and gave them lungs, and they became landfish (early amphibians, as modern scientists correct). But Deus was still not happy, for though Karnas now had oceans and land filled with life, there was still nothing of this life which pleased him. Life was simple. And so, he took the landfish, and made their scales thicker, and their bones harder, and thus, the reptiles of Karnas were made. But Deus was not quite happy yet, for though life was grand and diverse and complex, there was still one thing missing. Life on Karnas lacked that whcih he made it for: Knowledge. But Deus did not take anything to make it wise. No, he took the shadow of the void and the breath of life, and he made the Karnasaurs. Pleased now at all he had done, Deus was happy.

The Rise of the NightEdit

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