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Karrel: Slaying the Harbingers is the first story of the Karrel story arc. It details Karrel's efforts to destroy the Harbingers, a race of cyborgs. As of now, it is currently being rewritten.

For many years, the Federal Monarchy has warred with the Harbingers over territorial disputes. Since the Harbingers had yet to do anything particularly offensive against Vaikan culture, both sides attempted to fight honorably. However, things would soon change. The war would take a different tide forever.


Location: Outer Harbingerlands, Inner Perseus Reach

King Rustiagon Reckar swerved his Dragon Cruiser through laser fire just outside a nearby star system as he headed for the Galactic Core. A fleet of Harbinger warships pursued him firing waves of lasers and torpedos. Reckar maneuvered the Dragon Cruiser dodging all of the laser blasts. The Federal Monarchy had been at war with the Harbingers for years over a territorial dispute.

Then, they stopped, and lasers and torpedoes no longer flashed about. On the front panel on the interface on Reckar's ship, a radar icon appeared and next to it in Yallvus Talk displayed the text, "Incoming transmission." Not wanting to hear what they wanted to say, he sighed and reluctantly touched the icon with his finger. Before him popped out a small screen showing an image of the a short, orange cyborg ranting in their language of robotic static. Next to the image, text gradually appeared as a result of the universal translator's deciphering. Reckar read the translation from the angry Harbinger.

"Ah, a Vaikan. If you are willing to commit suicide, we would be happy to assist. Make your choice," the Harbinger said.

Being the bold, and sometimes reckless monarch Reckar was, he replied sarcastically, "Oh what's this? My connection's bad. I'm losing you." He hung up on the Harbinger's transmission and proceeded through the dangerous Harbingerlands. The enraged Harbinger and his fleet followed. The auto-turret on the Dragon Cruiser targeted one of the smaller warships and fired a laser taking it out in one hit.

Soon enough after minutes of dodging laser fire and taking out some warships, a pink, supermassive singularity was visible emitting intense radiation. Reckar got closer and closer. This was the Galactic Core, a mysterious location that the Harbingers guarded so closely. There were no documented encounters of whatever was through the core. Reckar pressed some buttons on the interface activating the black hole shield and passed straight into the singularity's event horizon. Because of the shield, the ship was protected from being crushed by the intense gravity. Then came the moment. The Dragon Cruiser entered the very center of the singularity. The second after, the intense pink and white glows of the Galactic Core changed to a black void with colorful sine waves whirling about. No doubt, this was not normal space.

-more to come

Chapter 1Edit

more to come...

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