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The Kassic Empire was a Zeth nation ruled by a dictatorial Emperor. It had a population of half a billion. It was annexed by the Coalition of People's Republics when it began its war with the Republic of Xelass.
Kassic flag

Banner of the Emperor of the Kassic Empire


Kassic society was based on supression of the poorer citizens and empowerment of the nobility and Emperor. 96% of the nation's wealth was controlled by 3% of its population.

Serfs were unable to get an education, use public transport, or become nobles (unless they demonstrate great heroism in battle). Unless they joined the army, they were stuck in villages, following inherited trades.


The nobility were educated in Imperial Academies by educational Orders of Monks. Between the ages of five and thirteen, they would live in an Academy and be taught various subjects, depending on the Academy. Most educational material was imported from the Republic of Xelass or the Coalition of People's Republics.


The rich were able to purchase televisions and buy access to Xelassian channels. They also may have employed dancers, comedians, and other performing individuals.


Travelling artists wandered from noble to noble and seek employment, to become the official artist of that man and create paintings for them. A good painting was seen as a status symbol, and the best artists are jealously guarded by their employers.


The main religion of the Empire was Taeranism. This is a polytheistic religion with an emphasis on a happy afterlife and the nobility being favoured by the gods. The leader of the pantheon is Onnu, god of the sky and stars. He is accompanied by many others.
Aiston map kassic

The location of the Empire


The nobility of the Empire all spoke Aisish, as it is seen as the superior tongue to the dialects of the serfs. The peasantry spoke several closely-related languages.


Each noble owned a castle and a large area of land surrounding it. The castle was surrounded by a village, and contained the village's armouries. The most powerful nobles owned portions of the land around the mountains, which have been converted into uranium and thorium mines. Settlements of miners built up at these locations. The nobles would then sell the ore to the other nations.


All male subjects of the Empire able to hold a gun were expected to join the army if their lord called them to, but usually each noble maintained a small and professional standing army. Weapons and vehicles were bought from the other nations and kept in the armouries by the nobles.

A total of around 40,000 professional soldiers were present within the Empire. If full mobilisation occurred, an army of two hundred million could have been assembled.

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