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4.4 billion years


1.25 solar masses

No. planets


No. moons



Iralek Sector, Triangulum Galaxy

Khaira is a star system in the Triangulum Galaxy.


An F7V-class star of 1.25 solar masses, Khaira has a surface temperature of around 6300K. It has a metallicity slightly higher than average and is expected to live another billion years.


Avel is a hot jupiter- a gas giant orbiting around 0.4AUs from Khaira itself. It has around 0.4 Jupiter masses and three surviving moons. It has been greatly bloated by the high temperatures.

Glasis is a greenhouse world, of 0.8 Earth masses. Its surface temperature is 387 degrees centigrade and it has a surface pressure of 87 bar. Its surface is obscured by a hazy blanket of clouds, pinkish-yellow in colour, and it has no surface volcanism. It has one large moon, around a hundredth of its mass.

Sikhe is the Sethaleya homeworld. It has around 0.8 Earth masses and a diameter of 13,000 km. Its surface is about half ocean, and surface temperatures average at about thirty degrees centigrade. It orbits at 1.53AUs and has two small moons.

Unsul is a Jovian gas giant, orbiting at 3.1 AUs. It contains approximately three Jupiter masses of material, and has a yellowish atmosphere. It is orbited by a number of moons and has a fading ring system.

Catillon is an ice world, with an iron core. It is believed to have been thrown out of the inner solar system by Avel. It now orbits at 5.5 AUs and is a barren, ice-covered planet.

Thowor is a Neptunian gas giant, a turquoise colour from space. It orbits at 15AUs and has several moons.

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