Star Yeniden
Type Primordial planet
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Kirinti is a planet in the binary system Yeniden.

Former RingworldEdit

Kirinti was formed from the debris of a 4 billion year old ring world built by the Empire of Arckas. The ring world, now known as the Kirinti Ringworld, was said to be a major trading hub during the time of the Empire of Arckas, serving as an outlet for other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy. Based on archeological data, geological informaiton as well as data logs on Novarckas, the Kirinti Ringworld hosted a great variety of establishments including entire fleets, artificial organic farms and populations in the billions.

The Ringworld was destroyed after an invasion by the Collective, but highly adept microbes managed to survive, subsisting on inorganic materials. Whatever DNA was present from creatures native to the ringworld has long since been lost, but the microbes were able to quickly form ecosystems from their remains.

Overtime, the debris from the ringworld coalesced into a planet. The microbe ecosystem has since gone extinct, but it served as the basis for life on Kirinti, reaching the planet's surface from debris falling unto the planet.


Kirinti is a young planet at a mere four billion years old. Life has only recently become multicellular. The most remarkable of life forms are the plants which are known for producing a serum that is effective against radiation poisoning.

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