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Location Iralek Sector, Triangulum Galaxy
Size Vessels only
Kardashev class 0.62
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Status Fleeing
Capital -
Official language -
Demonym Kite
Population ~2 billion
Species Kite
Government Hive Mind
Current leader(s) Hive Mind

The Kite is a vagrant faction from the Triangulum Galaxy. They are desperately trying to escape the Nemesis Legion.


The Kite is a hive mind. Its members form a single entity, connected onboard ships by pheromones and sounds, and between ships by radio signals. It is fully dedicated to ensuring its survival, with little-to-no individual self-preservation instinct or desire for pleasure.


No religion is found in the Kite.


The Kite speaks amongst itself using pheromones and sound. The total number of possible scents is around 50, and sounds is around 1,200. Their language is extremely complex.


They are a reasonably advanced civilisation. Shift-drives allow FTL travel at one hundred times c, and closed-cycle nuclear gas cores provide propulsion. They have not developed defensive shift-fields, however.

Weaponry consists mainly of missiles, of varying types. Nuclear missiles are the most powerful.

Common ship classes include:

  • Hiveship - a 10 km vessel, shaped in a roughly spherical way. Capable of holding ten million Kite organisms. Constructed mainly from reinforced concrete.
  • Nestship - a 600m vessel, shaped like a jagged pillar. Over one thousand Kite organisms on board.

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