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Average length


Average Lifespan

150 (drone)/130 (layer) Earth years


Diamond-shaped body. Hive mind.

The Kite are a race of eusocial sapients from the Iralek Sector of the Triangulum Galaxy.


The main body of a Kite is shaped like a 2.2m long diamond- hence the common name. It tapers to a point at the front and rear end. The four eyes sit at the front tip, and the eight limbs protrude underneath. Each of the six legs ends in a pair of pincers, and the two arms end in grasping versions of those pincers.

Their bodies are armoured with a chitin/carbonate exoskeleton, which is very resistant to attack. However, it is also heavy and makes them clumsy and unagile. Their speed is not to be underestimated, though- a charging Kite can reach 45 km/h after some run-up.

A series of antennae are attached to the back point. These wave to detect scents. The mouth is below the eyes and composed of six parts, like a dragonfly's. A complex system of vocal cords is present in their trachea.

There are two castes- drones and layers. Drones are the males, slightly smaller and more muscled. They become fertile if injected with a certain chemical by a layer. layers are larger and have pronounced abdomens.

The ratio of drones to layers is about eight to one.


The Kite are all part of the Kite.

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