The Kklxin Subspace Cannon is a massive superweapon originally common to the Kklxin Fleet back in their own galaxy. However, the war with their enemy from their galaxy soon left only one of the super ships remaining. This vessel was among the ships the Kklxin took to the Milky Way galaxy, where it proved more than enough of a Super Weapon against the residential empires. Soon, however, with the help of the Delsons and their somewhat inspired tactics, even this mighty vessel fell.

Kklxin Superweapon

Kklxin Subspace Cannon


The Subspace Cannon was designed to tear apart large armadas, taking out the larger ships first. They particularly targetted dreadnoughts and flagships.

When the main cannon fires, it tears through subspace, and, on impact with a target, rips open a portal to Locubrermour. This hole's effects vary, from propelling those caught in it to another dimension, dissintegrating them entirely. Because of this, it is nearly impossible for large ships to approach the Subspace Cannon directly.


This mighty vessel, despite its defense systems, has a one major drawback. The amount of firepower required to power the cannon leaves it vulnerable to smaller ships which can more easily dodge the cannon's blasts. To compensate, the Subspace Cannon has a heavily armored hull as well as a few mini-turrets to gun down such foes.

The Delsons managed to destroy the ship by disabling the ship's main cannon. As a result, it became almost completely vulnerable meeting its eventual demise.

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