The solar system of Kolmun is, despite being the home system of the Kakranukh, quite backward and not as developed as most other systems. It's main attraction is the planet Oomar, famous for the large varieties of ecosystems due to the size of the planet and its magnificent lighter-than-air cities (made up of a variety of bright, translucent, glass-like materials), which have been adjusted by the Zambarau to be able to support heavier, less delicate visitors. The solar system is mainly inhabited by Kakranukh but there are many members of all other races as well, the system being a popular destination and even a place of pilgrimmage; strangely, like all worlds with a high Kakranukh presence, the Zambarau are especially prominent here.

Interestingly, the solar system of Kolmun is like a solar system of gas giants, which is rather fitting for a system from which a race of gas giant inhabitants originated. It is thought that, being a small solar system (its main star, Kolmun, being a red dwarf with a below average mass) with a regular spread of gas giants out from Kolmun, the gas giants simply 'mopped up' any rocky planets into moons in the formation of the solar system. There are gas giants out from Kolmun at approximately 40 million kilometre intervals (though they spread out more the further from Kolmun they are), there are 8 gas giants in total, all with a distinctive blue-green colour caused by trace elements in the atmosphere, planets further out taking on more of a red-orange tinge. The gas giants also get smaller the further out they are, the outermost one (at 360 million kilometres) having a diameter of only 39,000 kilometres, while the innermost one reaches 144,000 kilometres in diameter. This is Oomar itself. The various different strata of Oomar vary wildly in temperature and pressure, temperature and pressure increasing the deeper you go; this makes it partially habitable for a wide range of species (as long as they don't mind wearing brathing masks).

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