Korsar Nashone

National Assembly

Type of legislation



Assembly of Workers

Assembly of the People

First Established

1 BMR (1649 CE)



Number of members in Assembly of Workers


Number of members in Assembly of the People


The Korsar Na$hone (National Assembly, pronounced Kor-SA-rit E-na-SHOH-ne) was a legislative body which served as the council of the United Democracy of the Milurian People. It is a bicameral legislation: the two houses were the Assembly of Workers and the Assembly of the People. It was created during the Milurian Revolution when the members representing the third and fourth classes of ancient Milurian society in the Milurian Imperial Council declared themselves the sovereign Korsar Nashone. The Korsar Nashone is also the legislative body which serves the Federated Commonwealth of the Milurian Nation.


The Korsar Nashone was established on 13th March 1 BMR (1649 CE) when members representing the third and fourth Olsarklus (classes) in the Milurian Imperial Council found themselves locked out of the council chambers when they were going to a meeting to present their concerns to the Emperor. These members, infuriated, proceeded to a nearby building and swore the Tower Oath, which was the basis of the Korsar Nashone. They promised to meet at the Tower every time they were summoned and that they would try the best they could to represent the 'true people of the Miluria'. 

The Korsar Nashone's first parliament opened officially the next day on the 14th March 1649. They elected a Prucaidlar (literally 'Guardian') to head the Assembly. An Imperial Council member who formerly represented the military, Governor-General Julian Melyurélov, who came to openly support and eventually attempt to represent the third and fourth Olsarklus and later joined the Korsar, was elected Prucaidlar.

The Korsar was the body which eventually headed the United Milurian Republicans.

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