Krisalis Ohracion
General statistics
Born 2092 AD
Affiliation Falan Rusit Mining Corporation
Titles None
Skills/Abilities Diplomacy, charisma
Status active
Species Vaikan
Gender Female

Krisalis Ohracion is an agent of the Falan Rusit Mining Corporation. She was a partner with Ahrganot Skizgo during his employment there..


Krisalis has Yallvus ethnicity - a common, noticeable trait being large ears. Like most Vaikan, she has dark blue hair and cyan skin, and also has orange eyes. Her casual attire is a tunic with leather boots, a common fashion style among Vaikan individuals.


Krisalis, while quite kind, is very manipulative. She is effectively trained in masking her own true personality and acting as something else.



Skills and AbilitiesEdit

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