The Krizael Expanse is a region of space in the Perseus Arm. It is mostly known for being a major battle zone for the three-way war between the Galasuron Imperium, Ramusian Socialist Republic and the Children of the Dhragolon. After that war, it became home to the second major province of the Karalian Empire.



Main article: Jar

Jar and the surrounding star systems are among the most Vaikan-populated regions in the Milky Way Galaxy.


Main article: Garnor

Garnor was the star system home to the Galasuron Imperium.


Main article: Akalta

Akalta was the star system home to the Utopia of the Tharadorn.


Main article: Bikoiztu

Bikoiztu is the home star system of the aquatic Garro race.

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