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Average height


Average Lifespan

55 Earth years


Trumpeting horn.

The Laetrus are a race that has been annexed by the Shekeshta Hegemony in the Triangulum Galaxy.


Laetrus are stocky sapients, over two metres tall, with torsos that curl backwards under them and bear four legs. The legs are thickly muscled and end in a spiky club rather than any toes. Their arms are quite long and wiry, bearing two thick and stubby fingers each. Their heads are roughly box-shaped, with the two eyes at the front of the head, and they have six nostrils above the mouth, which is circular and contains two rows of teeth. A long tubular structure runs down the back of their heads and is used as a sound amplification chamber to increase the volume of their trumpeting.

They possess small scutes upon their backs which act as limited armour against blows.


Almost all Laetrus have been absorbed by the Hegemony. A few managed to escape and live on small rogue colonies or as pirates.

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