The Large Magellanic Cloud Alliance (LMC-Alliance for short) is an alliance, as it's name may suggest, located in the Large Magellanic Cloud in the Arohko Stream. It's exact founding date is unknown but it was created somewhere near 402 AD.

The Alliance was created as a rallying cry for the species knowing each other when they were in need of assistance, the first time was somewhere in 402 AD.


The participating species are not forced to help each other, they can decide whether or not they join a war. It was mainly created to benefit each other's intrest and influence.

The first real change the alliance implemented was the central government, all of their leaders reside on a gargantuan space station known as Starwind. Each race has their leader and 10 representatives to participate in the debates and meetings.

Participating speciesEdit

  • Hmeregh (402 AD, one of the founding races)
  • Hylios (402 AD, one of the founding races)
  • Maian (402 AD, one of the founding races)
  • Yerghani (402 AD, one of the founding races)
  • Zi'vani (Ækati and Weevyrn Colonies only, 1110 AD)

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