A map of the Karalian Empire

Below is a list of known Karalian systems. At its apex, Karalian Empire owned at least 23 star systems.

Naming conventionsEdit

The Karalians will usually name their planets and stars after one of the following: lesser known gods across their various religions, famous historical figures, and famous legends. Occasionally, some planets are simple descriptions rather than names. For example, Frossentmaan means "frost moon".

Heart and Soul NebulaEdit

The Heart and Soul Nebula is the main location inhabited by the Karalian Empire.

Krizael ExpanseEdit

The second most populated Karalian region.

Greenwater NebulaEdit

Much of the Greenwater is under the control of the Confederacy of Greenwater, and the Karalian's presence in it is minimal.

Border systemsEdit

These are systems outside of main Karalian space.

Canis MajorEdit

Galactic Core ZoneEdit

Cygnus ConstellationEdit

Line of DemarcationEdit

The RimEdit