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This is a list containing all weapons, vehicles, shields and engines the Methrikhian Nomocractical Alliance? has invented, created or reverse-engineered.

Artificial IntelligencesEdit

The Ulton have always been excellent A.I. creators as they used them in their early modern era years, their efficiency as war assets were proven during the Obhran-Ulton War when they fought alongisde their creators, while still having limited capacities at that time they were already capable of making solutions to minor problems without any organic authorisation.? Now the MNA uses their A.I.'s to control their cities, coordinate fleets and provide security inside their mainframes.


The Methrikhian Nomocratical Alliance has constructed upgraded version of the widely known Higgsium Drive? that does not have any problems travelling through the Milky Way Galaxy's Core region because of all the gravity wells. With small samples of scavenged Harbinger tech they have perfected this upgraded drive.


Both Obhran and Ulton have made thousands of attempts to clone before they reached space, first tests were conducted on plants and rocks. Then small animals and afterwards on themselves, some resulted in horrific creatures that were directly killed to stop their pain (if any). When they pooled their resources after the Obhran-Ulton War the scientific research around cloning made significant advances and it become only a matter of time before it was perfected.

Somewhere in 348 BC they had mastered perfect cloning but kept researching it to see if there is any way to perfect not only the clone but even themselves.






The? Methrikhian Nomocractical Alliance? has a ship designation that looks like the following: "H2-Tc-Svitanie", or translated to the public as the 'Tréner-class Heavy Frigate' Svitanie (meaning 'Dawn').

Light CorvettesEdit

Heavy CorvettesEdit

Light FrigatesEdit

Heavy FrigatesEdit

Light DestroyersEdit

Heavy? DestroyersEdit

Light CruisersEdit

Heavy CruisersEdit

Light BattleshipsEdit

Heavy BattleshipsEdit

Light CarrierEdit

Heavy CarrierEdit





The? Methrikhian Nomocractical Alliance? utilises a 'System' designation for their weapons, one can read what generation a weapon is according to the number written down.


Assault RifleEdit


Battle RifleEdit

Sniper RifleEdit

Rocket LauncherEdit

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