This is a list of rulers that have reigned over the Tsuinaron people throughout its history.

Rising EraEdit

In the Rising Era, the Tsuinaron had just gained sapience, and were only organised into small tribes. This part of the list is of the documented rulers of the known tribes, though many other tribes not mentioned would've existed, with leaders that are not stated here.

During the Rising Era, the Kingdoms of Quarion, Larion and Yushiriion formed. This list also states the first rulers of these Kingdoms.

Tribal PeriodEdit

Kukaratsu ClanEdit

  • Nobishu Kukaratsu
  • Poratsu Kirono
  • Kunahoma Nobarashi
  • Tsurako Naboro

Nuratsu ClanEdit

Dodoku ClanEdit

Kingdom Formation PeriodEdit

Kingdom of KokumionEdit

  • Kokumi Nariku Maru I
  • Kokumi Kiri Hara
  • Kokumi Noki Shitsu
  • Kokumi Maria Anna
  • Kokumi Morinu Koru

Kingdom of LariruEdit

  • Larion Natsu Karu
  • Larion Morimu Poria
  • Larion Koita Oppa

Kingdom of YushiriionEdit

  • Yushirii Onoki Manabu
  • Yushirii Muri Manabu
  • Yushirii Nori Karu

War of the Tsuinaron States EraEdit

Great Strike EraEdit

  • High King Kokumi Lucius Superbus I - The first Tsuinaron ruler in history to use a Latin name.

Space EraEdit

  • High King Kokumi Nariku Maru II
  • High Queen Kokumi Maria Anna II

Imperial EraEdit

  • High Queen Kokumi Maria Anna II
  • High King Kokumi Nariku Maru III
  • High King Kokumi Saikōsai Kaze
  • High King Kokumi Kokoro Shishi

Galactic EraEdit

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