This page lists all codes used by the military of the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm.

Space DivisionEdit

The Normarian Space Division uses several standard codes. Each are summarised in the table below, but are explained in more detail in the subsequent sections, if required.

Name of military code Function of code
Red alert In a combat situation, all personnel are to report to battle stations to receive a definite incoming threat in an incredibly short period of time when the vessel is placed on red alert. In other situations, the alert is issued to warn all crew members of a dangerous situation.
Orange alert When orange alert is given in a battle situation, all personnel are to report to battle stations to receive an incoming threat, though it is not 100% certain if the threat exists, and if so, what it is. Unlike red alert, orange alert is used only in combat.
Yellow alert When yellow alert is issued, personnel do not have to be at battle stations, but must be ready if the predicted threat is existent, or, in other cases, to be ready when a predicted danger is about to arise, for example, a core breach.
Green alert Green alert is issued when the vessel is about to begin standard landing procedures. All personnel must report to Code Green stations - that is, their positions for contribution to the success of the landing procedure.
Blue alert Blue alert is issued when the vessel is about to make an emergency crash landing. When blue alert is called, the commanding officer has a choice: order all crew members to evacuate before the vessel crashes, or to order the crew to brace for impact.

Green alertEdit

Green alert is issued when the vessel is about to initiate a standard landing procedure. This has recently been implemented into the Starfleet handbook, as before the introduction of the Adventurous class destroyer, Normarian Space Division vessels, with the exception of shuttlecraft, did not have the ability to land.

When the landing procedures are initiated, the FTL Drive/Jump Drive is taken offline, which shuts down the FTL propulsion systems. Inertial dampers are set to maximum, and the heat shield is activated. After an orbit of the planet, the vessel begins its descent to the surface.

When it begins its descent, the vessel initially has its underside faced towards the surface, as that is where the heat shield is the most concentrated. After getting through the atmosphere, the vessel changes its angle, and points its front to the surface. When the vessel reaches the 2,000-metre mark, it deploys its landing gears. As it reaches the surface, the vessel would deactivate the fusion drive, and only the ion-powered maneouvring thrusters are online before touchdown.

Though it is preferable that the vessel make a straight landing without any moving across the surface like an aeroplane, sometimes it is necessary. When this happens, the fusion drive is reactivated and full reverse is initiated to slow down the vessel until it comes to a complete stop. After the vessel stops, the fusion drive is once again taken offline, as well as the inertial dampers and most of the key systems except the computer database and life support.

Green alert is again called when the ship is about to depart from the surface of a planet. When this happens, all key systems except weapons are initiated, and inertial dampers are set to deflect the planet's gravity, causing the vessel to rise. The fusion drive is activated and the vessel is propelled off the surface.

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