Below are a list of Vaikan monarchs.

Yallvusian MonarchsEdit

Early Vaikan monarchs had no family names, merely a title. Family names did not come into use until much later.

Monarchs with no bloodlineEdit

  • Malick the Great
  • Xurtag the Strong
  • Yanya of the Fields
  • Turgan the Conqeuror
  • Rolnor of Yallvus

Yallvusian UnionEdit

  • Sertrof
  • Szarock
  • Romyar
  • Ahdim
  • Banya

The Rustiagon DynastyEdit


After the collapse of the Drallan Federal Monarhy, many DNA records were lost.

  • Rustiagon Dralla - The first of the Rustiagon bloodline
  • Rustiagon Gelda
  • Rustiagon Parlo
  • Rustiagon Churri
  • Rustiagon Aggan
  • Rustiagon Humar
  • Rustiagon Yogan
  • Rustiagon Golar

Karalian Empire monarchsEdit

The Karalian Empire monarch rule began in 163 AD. It is currently the longest lasting Vaikan bloodline with 37 different monarchs.

  • Rustiagon Karalius - A king who claimed to be related to Dralla. As DNA samples from Dralla are unavailable, even to this day, his relationship is disputed.

  • Rustiagon Reckar
  • Rustiagon Salla