Below is a list of locations of Ancient origin. These are areas that were not built by any contemporary civilization.

New ArckasEdit

Main article: New Arckas

The alleged capital of the universe, New Arckas is a massive artificial planet built by the oldest of Ancient species. It flourished around 4 billion years ago, but it has since been left in a state of decay after numerous Harbinger attacks. Eons later, future species would use it to their advantage, but the vast technological caches that were made use of by these civilizations would ultimately mean their doom as they jumped their technology beyond the allowable threshold the Harbingers imposed. Whoever built New Arckas remains a mystery.

Ice TempleEdit

Main article: Ice Temple

The Ice Temple was originally a place of worship for a species that inhabited Ucharpli in ancient times. Permafrost eventually swallowed the temple up, trapping inside the only known Jormun's Ring.


A series of giant spires built on Alk'charis. They were believed to have been created by the Alkan. As the electrical storms of the area make the area unreachable, Nazaru is only known indirectly through infrared readings.

Libitinia LandfillEdit

Main article: Libitinia

A world covered in debris and trash, Libitinia is believed to have been created by the Omni when they were planning to build a Dyson Sphere around the star Serus.

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