Below is a list of reality bending phenomenon that occurs in Omni 01. These cover concepts that are not fully understood in modern science, but writers in Galactic Crucibles have taken the liberty to offer their own explanations.

Faster than light travelEdit

Faster than light travel is often regarded as impossible due to constraints from the law of physics. However, in the universe of Omni 01, it is allowed for practicality purposes. A space opera would be virtually impossible, or at most impractical, if an individual could not travel throughout the galaxy within their lifetime. A civilization should be at least Type I to possess this technology.

In modern science, scientists believe that by bending space around an object, the FTL barrier can be circumvented. Another loophole is that an object's mass can be reduced to zero using Higgs particles.


Main article: Wormhole

Wormholes require an enormous amount of energy to sustain and even leave open for a single atom to pass through. Scientists believe that wormholes are a potential alternative to the warp drive.

Parallel universesEdit

Parallel universes are believed to exist due to particles seemingly possessing properties that contradict one another. Omni 01 is part of a multiverse where there are a finite number of other universes along a "ladder".

In modern science, it is believed that wormholes could potentially lead to exact copies of other universes. For balances purposes, in Omni 01, there are no known civilizations in the 22nd century that have such technology - one could potentially exploit exact parallel universes as a means of unlimited resources.

Fermi ParadoxEdit

The Fermi Paradox is an oddity where extraterrestrial intelligence has yet to be found despite overwhelming evidence that should lead to their discovery in the near future. The continuity of Omni 01 attempts to answer this question by stating that only a few thousand intelligent civilizations exist in just the Milky Way alone. With an agenda of its own, an unknown force directed the development of civilizations and seeded planets with life.

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