Lon-Delson War
Date: Unknown
Place: Mid Perseus Border Zone
Outcome: Stalemate, redirected colonization

Drallan Federal Monarchy

Delson Star Empire










The Lon-Delson War occurred early in both the histories of the Drallan Federal Monarchy and the Delson Hegemony, then known as the Delson Star Empire.  The war lasted approximately ten years.


After the Second Sinister War, the DFM wished to expand their borders to prevent themselves from ever being conquered again. The had begun building their empire around the Heart and Soul Nebula and soon started to spread outwards.

Eventually, they encountered the Delson Star Empire who wished to colonize the region east of the nebula known today as the Mid Perseus Border Zone. The large resource deposits in the area drew the two empires into a struggle over who has claims over them. While the DSE had fewer ships than the DFM, one of their greatest weapons were their fleet of super-ships.


Battle of KalparosEdit

Kalparos was a ringed gas giant with a rich moon, Alvinos.  DFM forces stationed themselves within Kalparos' atmosphere while the DSE took claim of Alvinos as a base.  The battle was a critical turning point when Delson super-ships tried to drive Karalian forces deeper into Kalparos's gravity wells forcing a retreat.  Several super-ships were lost in the process.


The war ended in a brutal stalemate. More money was lost over than what the actual region was worth. As neither side could defeat the other, they signed an agreement of isolation where they would colonize planets in the opposite direction. The DFM would go towards the Galactic Core Zone while the Delson Star Empire would go further away, down the Perseus Arm. The Mid Perseus Border Zone was declared a quarantine zone and restricted area until contact was reestablished during the War on Gaea several thousand years later.

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