Lukesa is the name that a Lusari gave itself. 'Lukesa' commonly takes the form of females of races, and therefore commonly devourers male 'mates'. It had traveled from planet to planet, devouring a single individual from each world as it went.

Lukesa finally met its end when it was prevented from devouring GSSOC Auxilary Enrico Placidi by his companion Galiana, who used the power of the Titanic Artifact known as the Amulet of the Tokarthi to eradicate the Lusari.


Known FormsEdit

Lukesa can assume the forms of a variety of species, particularly females.

Known Victims and Would-Be VictimsEdit


  • (Coming soon)

Would-Be VictimsEdit

  • (Coming soon)
  • Enrico Placidi (Consuming disrupted by Galiana Arcad/the resulting battle ended in Lukesa's eradication)

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