MCS Liberator
General information
Affiliation Federated Commonwealth of the Milurian Nation
Ship Registration MS-10972-5
Class Irølat-class
Length 719 m
Commanding officer(s) Captain Įlon Orbach
In service 2145 - 2153
Reason of decommission N/A (destroyed in battle)
Fate of vessel after decommission Destroyed (2153)
Technological information
Number and types of engines 2 Warp nacelles, 4 Impulse engines, 8 thrusters
Type of FTL travel system Class 9 Warp drive
Maximum non-FTL speed 500,000 km/h
Maximum FTL speed Warp factor 9 (834 times speed of light)

The MCS Liberator (MS-10972-5) was an Irølat-class starship that served the Federated Commonwealth of the Milurian Nation. The flagship of the Milurian Starfleet throughout its existence, the Liberator was the sixth starship to hold its name.

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