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The MNA Krajiny Force (MNAKF) is a branch of the MNA Defense Force that is primarily responsible for land-based military operations. They typically serve as a garrison force on MNA controlled worlds. Unlike the Trooper Corps, which is frequently used in expeditionary operations across the galaxy in conjunction with the Navy, the Krajiny is primarily implemented in ground combat operations and garrison duties.


Infantry WeaponsEdit

The Krajiny and Trooper Corps share the same materials, thus the Krajiny have acces to the standard MNA infantry weapons. While they do not share all weapons they both have a wide variety of weaponry, snipers commonly use the sniper rifle for long distances, while troopers use the assault rifles and shotguns for close quarters. Demolition experts frequently use rocket launchers from medium to short distances. A battle rifle is a weapon seldom used by Krajiny forces.


The Krajiny's standard vehicle is the Mark 3 Armed Personnel Carrier for armed patrols, personnel mobility and escorts. The M3APC has several different variants, each can be determined by the weaponry in the back. The Mark 2 Heavy Anti-Armor Vehicle is used for armored engagements or when the Krajiny troops are unable to break through enemy lines.

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