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The MNA Navy is the branch of the MNA Defense Force responsible mostly for naval operations in space, though they still operate in the oceans with their terrestrial arm. Its roles include ship-to-ship combat, orbital bombardment, the deployment of atmospheric and space fighters, and the delivery of Troopers into combat.



The MNA Navy has a rather small variety of ships, while they have all known classes to fulfill all necesary roles inside a navy they seldom make visual upgrades or modifications to them.


The Carrier is a non-military purpose ship inside the MNA Navy, it lacks firepower and decent armor in order to obtain a large enough cargo hold for maximum transportation posibilities. While it has been used as bait before it still has been categorised as non-military.


The Corvette is a ship in the MNA Navy used for reconaissance and espionage, while these ships could easily be detected they are trained to remain hidden for as long as possible in order to gather a large quantity of information.


The Frigate is a cheap-to-build ship only created in large numbers during periods of great need, it lacks the armor and firepower of that of the Destroyer but it large numbers could easily swarm their enemies. There are two types of Frigates, a Light- and Heavy Class.


The main vessel employed by the MNA Navy is the Destroyer, it is used for naval combat, patrolling and exploration. It is also used to transport both materials and troops from planet to planet when only small quantities need to be transported, this is used to lower costs for using carriers.


The Battleship is a frequently employed warship in the MNA Navy tasked with patrolling the Alliance's borders, while most of these vessels have never actually seen combat most of their crew is kept in shape with regular training scenarios.


The crown jewels of the MNA Navy, Dreadnoughts are advanced, strong gargantuan warships employed by both Ulton- and Obhran private fleets. Equipped with the latest weaponry and even prototype weaponry to safeguard the Alliance's territorium. The Treaty of Methrikhs has kept their numbers relative low.


The Flagship (or Supercarrier) are the largest known vessels in the MNA Navy's history, while only one is commissioned at a time there are several more under construction if the current flagship should be destroyed or outdated.

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