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The MNA Sky Force is a division of the MNA Defense Force along with MNA Krajiny Force, MNA Navy and MNA Trooper Corps. It serves as an aerial defense and support force. It is tasked with organizing aerial operations, conducting tactical strikes and bombing runs, providing close-air-support for infantry forces, and transportation of MNADF personnel.


Infantry WeaponsEdit

The MNA Sky Force personnel has the basic sidearm weapon, some personnel who are aboard a Cajka are able to utilise the sniper rifle and the rocket launcher from the open troop bay in the back.


As mentioned before the Sky Force utilises the commonly seen Cajka, for standard air battles they make use of the Mark 12 Holub Fighter. If they need to perform reconaissance for the MNA Krajiny Force, MNA Trooper Corps or the MNA Navy they will bring out their Mark 3 Sova Stealth Fighter. In regions where they are unable to maintain long presences with personnel they will deploy the infamous Mor.

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