Huge, menacing, logical, and our savior. The Nanos would die for Mahvolmesh. He was the one who brought us out of the Dark Eon, into the light of technological ascendance. ―unknown Nano interviewee



6942 BC




Nano Cybernetic Ascendants Council




United the Nanosan Houses

Wars participated in

Nanosan unification war.


Replacement of his entire body with robotics. Booster jets. Particle weapons

Hvolmesh, the First Ascendant, or Chairman Mahvolmesh, is the leading power behind the Nano Cybernetic Ascendants Council. He is also the oldest member of the Council, an amazing 9085 years old. He is almost completely machine, retaining only his voice box, that he may speak to his people without a synthisizer. 


Hvolmesh is a cybernetic giant, standing about 15 feet tall and weighing 2 tons. His head is wedge shaped, much like the ancient styles of Nanosan armor. The rest of his body is built like a buff humanoid's, though his arms are mounted with prominent particle cannons. His chest holds a minature particle furnace, which makes the area around it glow a deep green.

Though no longer actualy needed for modesty's sake, Hvolmesh usualy wears an over-sized robe which has his House's insignia on it. His more formal outfits include military uniforms and lightjewels.


Early LifeEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Mahvolmesh is a practitioner of a style of martial-art known as Hvolhama. The art was developed by his great-grandfather, only to be taught to the House Hvol lord's guards and the lord himself. The technique was originaly made for underwater combat, and utilizes a Nano's ability to move in three dementions to break bones and keep high ground at all times. The predominance of land combat forced Mahvolmesh to modify the technique somewhat, using his booster jets and a great number of small thrusters to "swim" through the air. Though he has not had to use his abilities to defend himself for some time, Mahvolmesh still practices with his guard every day to keep his skills sharp.

Mahvolmesh had his latest body made out of vorceweav, making it nearly indestructible by melee weapons, with a layer of shock-absorbing rubber beneath the vorceweav and heat disipation coils beneath that. His arms are also mounted with particle acceleration cannons, giving him a powerful long range ability in combat. His limbs are built of synthetic musclefiber bundles, giving him strength beyond that of a biological being of the same size.

On his rare spare time, Mahvolmesh plays his prefered game: Damadama, which he does without his computing skills. He has earned the title Lord Damadama for his enthusiasm for the game, though not necessarally because of his competancey.

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