The Malik Belts are the most densely populated region of Chondrites in the Zambarau Concord, and, if you exclude the Affiliated Habitats, the most densely populated region of Drones, as well. The Malik belts are similar to the Hilmun Scatter in many ways, having a red dwarf star as a sun and being full of asteriods with no definite Oort cloud. However, the main difference with the Malik Belts is that they include planets and even two brown dwarfs; of course, the gravitational stresses are immense, with wildly varying orbits, making all of the planets in the system (most of which are gas giants anyway) uninhabitable, leaving the system open to a full Chondrite colonisation. The Commissioner of the Malik Belts is currently trying to attract more people to the Malik Belts, heading the construction of leisure arcologies and habitats and claiming the Malik Belts has "...the solar system with the most real estate in the Zambarau Concord!"

Planets and brown dwarves are mostly insignificant in the Malik Belts, what are important, however, are the Clusters. The gravitational interaction between all of the bodies in the system (such as the sligshot effect and the Lagrangian points) have created some relatively strong gravitational wells just in empty space, these have created Clusters; groups of asteroids that drift abnormally close together. Usually these Clusters should have formed into planets long ago, but the subtle gravitational stresses in the system have prevented this from happening, allowing for some of the highest density living the Chondrites have known. There are many Drones in the Malik belts, either exporting materials to the Affiliated Habitats or working on resource-intensive Affiliated Habitat projects.

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