Better Mant
General information
Status Thriving
Homeworld Mantras
Type Arthropod
Symmetry Bilateral
Diet Omnivore
Lifespan 60-90 years
Other distinctions Wings; mantid-like claws
"Each thing has a language, all you have to do is find it, and the universe's secrets will open to you like a flower."

Mantrassians are the single sapient species to be birthed from the volatile jungle of Mantras. They are a race of deltaped arthropods, noted for their blade-like wrist claws. The Mantrassians have grown to metabolize many different gases; their homeworld's atmosphere varies so widely that the Mantrassians may be breathing completely different gas mixtures each day.


Mantrassians are eight-foot tall, green shelled arthropods. They have four limbs, each with three digits. The bottom pair is used exclusively for walking, and end in wide, splayed talons. The upper pair are used both for walking and fine manipulation. They also contain a large set of serrated blades, used for hunting and other combat pursuits. The legs are bent back at the knee, and the blades are attached by a hinge joint at the wrist. Mantrasssians also posesses large, veined wings that allow them to fly.

A Mantrassian's head is very triangular, with the face tapering down to a point that terminates in a dual set of mandibles. The mouth of a Mantrassian also posesses a rudimentary tongue. A top of the head are two segmented antenae, used for auditory sense. The eyes of a Mantrassian form two black slashes down the top of its head.

Adult Mantrassians stand at an average height of 7-8 feet tall, not counting their antenae. Their wings come down to about their ankles, but each has to be about twice the width of their bodies to sustain flight. Mantrassian wings also have a slight prismatic/reflective quality that alows the Mantrassians to use them for signaling at long-range.

Gender DifferencesEdit

Sexual dimorfism in Mantrassians is minor. The males commonly are less muscular than females, by a small degree, though the saved mass means that they are faster than females. The easiest way to differenciate males and females is the mandibles. Males' mandibles have serrated edges, while the females' are smooth edged.

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